Introducing The Ethos entry into the Loom to Wrap Literature weaving competition… Fayte!

A tale of murder, power, and greed – The Tragedy of Macbeth by Shakespeare was the inspiration for this woven piece titled “Fayte”. Guilt over the numerous murders committed by himself and those close to him to gain and maintain glory and power causes Macbeth to descend into a spiral of psychological disorientation, hallucinations, and a disconnect with reality. His world become darker, murkier, blacker. He is but a shadow of the man he once was. The lust for power, suggested by the 3 witches, lead Macbeth and his wife down a path of greed, corrupting them, destroying them, and bringing about civil war and the fall of the Scottish kingdom.

The luxury cotton warp is hand dyed in deep dark shades of black, gold, red, green, blue and purple.  Three wefts in total have been woven… luxe merino/silk, boucle banana silk and cotton.

Boucle Banana Silk Sister Piece: Woven to 3 meters this piece is dense but not overly thick, supportive and comfy but not beastly, silky and soft but still grippy.  It’s everything all at the same time.  It has been hand dyed in earthy tones of brown and gray fur a rustic and warm feel.  The texture of the banana silk is luxurious but it’s also an easy care fiber, so it’s never fussy.  There is little to no stretch and you’ll find this especially fantastic for supporting bigger babies and even the biggest toddlers.  It features the same Celtic weave and the blunt ends are hemmed and the middle marker displays lush chunky natural inlays of various lengths, similar to the competition piece.

Cotton Sister Piece:  Woven to 3.7 meters total (the last .7 meters in a contrasting block color that can be left as is or potentially chopped for an accessory/project) this piece is so soft and cushy and luxurious for cotton.  Similar in weight and cush to the comp piece but in effortless easy care washable fibers.  This will wrap your shoulders in comfort even under the weight of a toddler.  Hand dyed in deep blues and black tones for a cool moody appearance.  This sister also features the same Celtic weave.  The last .7 meters of this piece features a mustard block accent that can be chopped off for an accessory or left as an accent on the longer wrap.  The ends are blunt hemmed.

As always invoice will be sent via PayPal.  The draw will remain open for 48 yrs and winners will be drawn at random.  Payment plans are available as always.

Boucle Banana Silk Sister Piece 3 meters $475

Cotton Sister Piece 3.7 meters $399

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