Custom Design Groups

Have a design you wish you could see come to life? With Ethos it’s a possibility! We offer the opportunity for custom design groups with minimum orders for either handwovens or machine wovens. So gather your friends and email us with your ideas, we would love to help you make them a reality!
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Handwovens on a Budget

At Ethos two of our top goals are affordability and accessibility and that isn’t limited to machine wovens. Handwoven wraps typically come at a much higher price point than machine wovens due to the significant amount of time and labor required or a hand crafted piece, but we are able to offer below market pricing thanks to a partnership with our artisans’ guild in Nepal. In addition to being affordable, our weavers have a charitable mission following the two major earthquakes that rocked the country in early 2015. They have built community toilets and sanitary facilities, community kitchens, temporary and permanent housing, schools, and delivered countless quantities of food and water to stricken areas.
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Whether you’re “ageing up” from babywearing or just need a fabulous bag we offer the chance to enjoy all your favorite designs in the form of beautiful custom accessories!

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