• “I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, as long as I’m living my baby you’ll be.” The iconic book “Love You Forever” by Robert Munsch is the inspiration for our latest release.  The cotton warp is hand dyed in a subtle grad with shades of blue, teal, copper, orange and yellow inspired by the illustrations in the book. Three cotton wefts are available to choose from, one hand dyed and two solid: hand dyed copper/brown and then solid jeans or chambray. The weave is a fancy undulating twill for a truly unique aesthetic effect, woven by hand.
  • Triumph Ascend

    Triumph Ascend is a wrap dedicated to all those affected by Postpartum/Perinatal mood disorders. Woven with a mercerized cotton warp and a vegan pashmina (viscose) weft this wrap is soft and shimmery with an almost holographic effect created by the monochrome warp in contrast with the rainbow variegated weft. GSM is approximately 220.
  • Key Fob

    Our key fobs feature a variety of silver, black, slate and bronze hardware and are long enough to loop around your wrist while you’re wrangling kids and who knows what else!
  • Woven Shawl/Scarf

    Shawls/Scarves measure approximately 2 meters long with blunt ends and are typical wrap width.  Snuggle up all winter long with a shawl to keep you and your little one warm, and if your babywearing days are nearly behind you (or already behind you) what better way to remember them!
  • We are now opening orders for our new convertible backpack totes! This is a custom pre-order and turn around time will be approximately 3-4 weeks. The base price includes an easy open convertible backpack tote made with your choice or our specially selected linen blend, add on options for wrap conversions (lined with linen) and zippers are available with pricing information below.
  • Our most popular design is back again! This release of Angel Cakes features machine woven wraps, slings and accessories for a more budget friendly price point with our luxury yarns that have been custom hand dyed for a handwoven feel and aesthetic. Three wefts are available in 100% cotton heart weave, natty (undyed natural yarn), rainbow chip (matching the warp) and sunshine yellow.
  • Scrap Pack

    Do you like wrap scrap projects? Well here is a great chance to snag some fantastic scarp to work with. You choose your size and we will send you a surprise selection of our machine woven and handwoven scrap. The possibilities are endless!
  • Sale!

    Fall Jewels

    This 100% cotton design has been custom hand dyed and handwoven by our new weavers guild in India. Unlike our previous budget handwovens these have been woven in single width for traditional raw selvedges instead of hemmed. The warp features deep fall inspired jewel tones of teal, red, orange and tiny bits of natty peaking through with a solid black weft in zig zag twill weave. You’ll find this to have nice medium-thin grip and stretch that will break in delightfully. GSM is approximately 275.
    • please note a 10% discount has been applied to pieces with treadling variances, which are purely aesthetic
  • These crochet cowls have been beautifully hand dyed in Fall inspired shades of deep red, medium blue and olive green in the same style as our handwoven wraps.  Each one measure approximately 80 inches around and can be looped 2-3 times depending on how chunky you like your cowl to be.  The banana is a thicker weight than what we use in our wraps but has all the same shiny nubby handspun qualities you've come to know and love.
  • Ethos Worth the Wait is a neon and multi-tonal pink cotton warp, a design that was literally years in the making.  The piece features a custom dyed thick merino/silk (50/50 blend) light tan weft measuring 4 meters with hemmed ends.  You'll find this piece to be super cushy and snuggly, moderately thick and plenty comfy for even big kids.  If you like your wrap to feel pillow-y soft in a ruck, this is the one!
  • Ethos Fall and Flutter is a gorgeous bright jewel tone luxe Supima cotton warp.  This unique piece features an alpaca/cashmere/silk weft in mustard/gold with chunky red inlays at each tail and knotted fringe measuring 3.9 meters stih.  It's thin and moldable with bounce and so so soft.  Perfect for baby all the way to toddler (unless you like the bulky toddler wraps).  It's a bit shiny and very luxe, no breaking in required at all, ready to snuggle away!