• Chameleon

    Introducing Ethos Chameleon, this unique piece was handwoven in the US with 100% 8/2 cotton, the warp is variegated in shades of pink, yellow, blue and green with a blue weft in twill weave that changes color depending on the angle and lighting.  Chameleon is a super cushy wrap with excellent grip and an approximate gsm of 320.  This beauty is suitable to snuggle all ages but is especially delightful for bigger babies and toddlers when you really want support and comfort.
  • This OOAK Fall inspired custom dyed Phoebe is truly delicious.  Phoebe is our signature banana silk blend (cotton warp and banana silk weft) that offers some of the most amazing smooshy blankety support you’ve ever experienced.  This piece measures 3.4 meters and features a point twill weave, hemmed rails and twisted fringe.  The custom dye was handled by the amazing Cotton Candy Customs and is sure to satisfy all your Fall color cravings.
  • Natty Cotton

    If you love Phoebe natty well this is what you've been waiting for in all cotton!  These gorgeous natural un-dyed yarns make for a scrumptious ivory wrap.  Woven with a slightly thicker 6/2 cotton in zig zag point twill these smooshy blankety wraps are everything you've every wanted for all cotton support.  The pillowy cush will amaze you and delight your shoulders (even if you don't typically like all cotton), just wait until you've tried one and you'll agree!