Ethos Worth The Wait has been just that… worth the long wait with an inspiration photo that’s been hanging around waiting to come to life since 2015!  This cotton warp was hand dyed by the amazing Whitney in bright neon and pink/coral shades.  It’s a beauty!  There are two different wefts available for draw plus one ready to go cowl.  We have approximately 14 meters of cool taupe cotton weft available and you may choose your exact length/item.  We can customize a wrap, sling or accessory per your request (or scrap length for your own projects).  There is also a 4 meter luxury 50/50 Merino/Silk weft wrap available in light tan to really make that neon pop.  And lastly an orange cotton half width cowl made from the pink half of the warp.

Cool Taupe Cotton Weft

Light Tan Merino/Silk Weft

Orange Cotton Half Width Cowl (pink half of the warp)

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