We have extras available so it’s time for a draw for purchase!  The Vintage Bloom warp has a couple cowl pieces as well as a wrap.  The warp is a cotton/tencel blend dyed in shades of dusty rose gold and natty.  There is also one extra piece from a recent OOAK custom, the warp is a pooling cotton/tencel blend in shades of purple.  As always payment plans are available on request!

Prices and details (excl. shipping)

Vintage Bloom

$75 Champagne Thin Banana Silk Cowl (left)

$65 Burgundy Aloe Tencel Cowl (right)

$540 Bamboo weft 4 meter wrap

OOAK Pooling Warp

$78 Charcoal grey luxe merino/silk 23 inch piece (perfect for a cowl, or can be left as is or customized per your request)


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