Ornamental Cabbage Draw for Purchase 2018-09-05T14:58:22+00:00


Introducing Ethos Ornamental Cabbage.  This unique piece was handwoven in the US with 100% 8/2 cotton, the warp is variegated in shades of green, purple and blue with a royal purple weft in a circular twill weave.  This is an ultimately cushy wrap, if you lust after cloudy comfort on the shoulders look no further.  This will be a dream for all ages and sizes.  We have approximately 10 meters of this available for purchase by draw.  You may indicate what you would like to be able to purchase with the form below, winners will be invoiced via PayPal.  You are free to choose more than one item and we will randomly draw until the length is used up.  The form will close and the draw will take place September 6th at 2:00 pm CST.

Prices (excl shipping)


Ring Sling $250

Cowl $50

2 meter Snap Shawl $205

Key Fob $12

Large Convertible Backpack Tote $120

Small Convertible Backpack Tote $85



Will be used for invoicing
I understand that this is a draw for PURCHASE and I will be invoiced if my entry is drawn. Submission of this form denotes your agreement with the above information.