Welcome to this glorious moody olive green custom order!  This will be a chain dyed warp which allows for a more pooled and artistic dye effect than our typical skein dyed warps.  Due to the additional measuring and time required for a chain dyed warp there will be a $15 fee per order.

We offer a super soft standard cotton warp with a variety of weft fibers and twill weave structures to choose from.  Each person participating in an order has the opportunity to choose their own weft fiber, color, weave structure and length (along with some add-ons like fringe) for a truly customized piece.  If you are new to the custom/semi-custom process please feel free to reach out (via Facebook or email) and ask a million questions, it can be a bit overwhelming if you’ve never ordered a custom before.

Available twill weaves

Available weft fibers for wraps are cotton, cotton sparkle (silver, rose gold or copper), banana silk (both thin and thick) and merino/silk (both a high wool content blend and a 50/50 luxury blend).  Our cotton is soft and cushy and of course machine wash easy care.  Banana silk is a plant based fiber that has a nice subtle silk-like sheen with lots of natural nubbiness and a bit of a wool-like wrapping quality that is incredibly toddler worthy and supportive.  You’ll find banana silk to make a thicker blankety wrap that can be machine washed, the thick banana is truly for the thick beastly wrap lover with a blanket heavy weight and the most epic toddler support you have every experienced.  The thin banana is still bankety and incredibly supportive but it’s just thin enough that it can also snuggle a smaller baby in nubby softness with enough grip that it doesn’t ever sag or slip.  Merino/silk comes in two blends, one high wool content with just a touch of silk and the other a luxury 50/50 blend.  The high wool content blend is thick, wooly and soft with incredible cush, you can truly wrap yourself in comfort with this medium/thick option that requires hand washing and will make even the biggest toddler weightless.  It needs to break in a bit but you’ll love how soft it is.  The 50/50 luxury blend Merino/Silk is truly luxurious with a soapier feel and incredible softness to snuggle an infant or support a toddler.  Minimum length for a wrap is 3.2 meters with no maximum.  Wraps measure approximately 28 inches wide (though it may vary a bit) with unhemmed/raw selvedges and the tails may be hemmed or fringed. We have partnered with Sleeping Baby Productions for ring sling conversions with 100% cotton only.  All ring slings are sewn with their exclusive Eesti hybrid shoulder and your choice of metallic rings and come in 4 sizes, small (70 inches) medium (75 inches) large (80 inches) extra large (85 inches).   

We are now offering hand spun supplemental threads/inlays for our handwovens.  These may be left natty or custom dyed to coordinate with your wrap colors.  Supplemental threads will be placed based on the artistic discretion of the weaver within the parameters of a basic design agreed upon in advance.     

Accessories are available with the following weft fibers: cotton, cotton sparkle, banana silk (both thin and thick), merino/silk, bombyx silk and cashmere.  Cowls are half width and measure approximately 30 inches around, you may choose extras like snaps or button for an additional cost.  Shawls are full width by 2 meters long (or any specific length upon request) and may have either buttons or snaps added.  Small convertible backpack totes measure approximately 12×15 while the large measure approximately 18×20 and are sewn with your choice of linen lining, webbing for handles and silver or gold hardware.  

Prices excl. shipping

$99 per meter cotton

$125 per meter banana silk

$125 per meter merino/silk (high wool content blend)

$130 per meter merino/silk (50/50 luxury blend)

$265 ring sling (cotton only, any size)


2 meter shawl (with snaps or buttons)

$215 cotton

$265 banana silk

$265 merino/silk

$285 bombyx silk

$285 cashmere                                                                                                                                                              

Half width cowl

$50 cotton

$65 banana silk

$65 merino/silk

$75 bombyx silk

$75 cashmere                                                                                                                                                                   

$15 key fob

$125 large convertible backpack tote (assuming cotton)

$90 small convertible backpack tote (assuming cotton)

A $50 dye fee per piece will apply with a few exceptions:

– the dye fee will not apply to natty wefts
– the dye fee also does not apply to key fobs or half width cowls
– if you order any two pieces with the same weft fiber and color the dye fee only applies once

Add on options:
Knotted fringe $40
Twisted fringe $50

Supplemental threads: price determined based on the design

Turn around time on custom handwoven orders is typically about 3 months but it may vary depending on the size of the order.  Accessories and ring slings require an additional 2-3 weeks for completion once fabric has been received at Ethos headquarters.  Invoices for custom orders are issued via PayPal and require a deposit of 30% with the remaining balance due once orders are ready to ship.

Will be used for invoicing
If you ordered more than one please just indicate which color/weave is for which accesory
Submission of this form denotes your agreement with the above information.