An extra  handwoven shawl piece is now available for purchase from a recent natty cotton/tencel sample warp.  The cotton/tencel blend warp is natural/undyed and soft with drape and a bit of shine for that luxe feel and look (especially fabulous with the fringe).  The weft is a combination of natty tencel and blocks of yak/silk (the dark gray) and alpaca/cashmere/silk (light gray).  It features a skip twill weave and knotted loose fringe on each end.

The draw will remain open for 24 hrs, upon close an entry will be randomly selected and receive a paypal invoice which must be paid within 24 hours (or you can send me a message to request a payment plan).

Price Details

$250 excl. shipping

Will be used for invoicing
I understand I will receive a PayPal Invoice if my entry is chosen