Bramble n’ Bounty Draw For Purchase 2019-01-03T13:36:28+00:00

Welcome to the draw for purchase of extras from the Bramble n’ Bounty custom order.  We have a handful of extra pieces available and this form will remain open for 24 hrs at which time winners for each piece will be selected at random and invoices sent via PayPal.  Payment plans are available for all pieces upon request, just send me a message and let me know what sort of schedule you’d like to set up for payments.  There are a couple wraps along with shorter conversion/accessory length piece, we can convert any and all pieces to your specific request.

Available Pieces

$715 Red, Olive, Mustard and Chocolate banana silk weft 5 meters plus fringe (not yet fringed, could be twisted or knotted loose)



$135 Olive green and Chocolate Merino/silk weft 1 meter (could be left as is or sewn into a full width chunky cowl)

$249 Plum cotton weft 2.08 meters (could be left as is or converted to a ring sling, a shawl, or a double cowl)


$50 Red and Turquoise cotton weft half width cowl


Will be used for invoicing
I understand that this is a draw for PURCHASE and I will be invoiced if my entry is drawn. Submission of this form denotes your agreement with the above information.