Angel Cakes Semi-Custom Pre-Order 2018-06-07T14:10:45+00:00

It’s back, our most popular handwoven design Angel Cakes! This time we are offering a semi-custom order to be woven with our budget friendly handwoven line from India with the following weft options…

“Double Angel Cakes” (cotton weft in the same hand painted yarn as the warp) weave #4
Natty Cotton weave #7
Grey Cotton weave #7
Teal Cotton weave #5
Purple Banana Silk weave #2

Please take note that this run of Angel Cakes is with a different weaver and dye artist that the previous Angel Cakes releases that were done in Nepal. Because this design is truly hand painted this release will not be identical in appearance to the previous AC wraps. It will be the same rainbow chip design, but as with any artistic work there are often aesthetic differences between artists.

This order will remain open until 10 pm CST June 9th, 2018. Once the order closes invoices will be sent via PayPal with 50% of your order due within 24 hrs and the remaining 50% plus shipping due when the order arrives at HQ. Turn around time will be around 90 days with ring slings, accessories and convertible onbuhimo carriers taking a little longer (most accessories within 2 weeks, convertible onbuhimo carriers may take up to an additional 4 weeks).

We are taking custom length requests for this order so you may select the exact length you would like for a wrap. A minimum length of 3.2 meters is required for all wraps but there is no maximum length. All wraps come finished with blunt hemmed ends or fringe for an additional cost.

Ring Slings:
We are partnering with Sleeping Baby Productions for all ring sling conversions! We offer ring slings only for 100% cotton with the SBP Eesti shoulder (hybrid). We offer 5 sling lengths (small-xx large) all at the same price point. All slings come hemmed with blunt ends and the “right” side out on the body of the sling. Once the order is en route to HQ we will contact all RS orders (via email) to allow selection of ring color.

Convertible Onbuhimo Carrier:
Our Convertible Onbuhimo Carrier is an Ethos exclusive for a true 2-in-1 carrier that acts as both a waisted SSC and a non-waisted Onbuhimo carrier. We offer both standard and toddler sizes (at the same price) and a variety of add-on accessories including our most popular matching zipper bag that threads onto the waist band! If you are ordering the Convertible Carrier in addition to filling out the group order form please also complete the Convertible order form to customize your carrier.

Convertible Order Form

We have a full line of accessories available with this order. Cowls measure approximately 12 inches high and 30 inches around. Key Fobs come with silver hardware. You can find examples of our accessories on our website here: Accessories

Our snap shawls are full wrap width and measure approximately 2 meters long with blunt hemmed ends and snaps that allow you to wear it in many ways, including while wearing a child in a front or back carry. Our convertible backpack tote can be worn as a shoulder bag, cross body bag or backpack and comes lined with your choice of solid linen blend, gold or silver hardware and webbing for handles. If you order a convertible backpack tote in addition to filling out the group order form please also complete the convertible tote order form to customize your bag (you don’t need to add the listing to your cart and check out, just submit the form details).

Snap Shawl Order Form

We also have the option for scrap length at $45 per meter for cotton and $65 per meter for banana

Prices excl. shipping

100% Cotton
$50 per meter
Ring Sling (sleeping baby productions eesti shoulder) $150 for all sizes
Convertible Onbuhimo Carrier
Panel $305
Half $360
Full $405
Convertible Backpack Tote $75
Cowl $35
Snap Shawl $95
Key Fob $10
Double Width Blanket $155

50% Cotton 50% Banana Silk
$70 per meter
Convertible Onbuhimo Carrier
Panel $329
Half $429
Full $469
Convertible Backpack Tote $99
Cowl $45
Snap Shawl $140
Key Fob $10
Double Width Blanket $215

As with all handwoven wraps cosmetic variations may be present such as weavers knots and bobbin changes. These are part of the nature of weaving and not considered flaws, nor do they affect the safety or functionality of the wraps. Please note that we always strive to get wraps here within the aforementioned timeline, but once the order is placed there could be unforseen delays that are out of our control. These delays are not grounds for a refund of the cost of the preorder.

Will be used for invoicing
If you ordered more than one please just indicate which color is for which accessory
Submission of this form denotes your agreement with the above information.