After many requests over the last year… Angel Cakes is BACK baby!!!!  The Angel Cakes design features a natty warp with saturated rainbow chip throughout and we’re bringing it back in searing bright almost neon hand dyed yarn that will be machine woven with our hearts weave for a budget friendly price point.  This design will be machine woven with the same Mill that created our previous releases True Colors and Millennium in all 100% squishy cotton (the same yarn we use for a handwovens) for as affordable cost and the handwoven feel we love.  And on top of that it will be hand dyed by our very own Whitney (the founder of Ethos) and she’s is a pro with bright almost neon colors!  Pieces will be medium-thin in hand with just a bit of stretch and grip and great for all ages and wrapping abilities.  Ring slings and accessories will also be available, including blankets, cowls, shawls, key fobs, bags and our new slipper booties!

Prices Excl. Shipping (in USD)

Ring Sling (any size) $160 (ring slings feature a hybrid shoulder)
Size 3 $175
Size 4 $199
Size 5 $225
Size 6 $250
Size 7 $275
Size 8 $299
Size 9 $335
Size 10 $355

Blanket $235
Large Convertible Backpack Tote $99
Small Convertible Backpack Tote $75
2 meter shawl $115
Half width cowl $35
Key fob $15

*NEW* Slipper Booties Adult sizes $75  Big kids sizes $65 and Babies/Toddlers $55

Scrap length $50/meter

For ring sling sizing we convert a hybrid shoulder an you’ll be able to choose your ring color when pieces are ready for conversion.
small (70 inches) medium (75 inches) large (80 inches) xl (85 inches).

This release will be machine woven for a more affordable price point, but has all the feel and appearance of a handwoven.  Turn around time will be around 3 months from the date of the order being placed, though possibly sooner.  Once the order closes on September 14th invoices will be sent via PayPal with 50% payment due within 24 hours to hold your order and the remaining balance due when the wraps arrives at Ethos HQ.  If you need assistance with a payment plan just send us a message!

As with all woven wraps, cosmetic variations may be present such as weavers knots and bobbin changes. These are part of the nature of weaving and not considered flaws, nor do they affect the safety or functionality of the wraps. Please note that we always strive to get wraps here within the aforementioned timeline, but once the order is placed there could be unforseen delays that are out of our control. These delays are not grounds for a refund of the cost of the preorder.

Will be used for invoicing
I understand I will receive an invoice via PayPal and that a 30% deposit is due at the time of ordering with the remainder due when the order is ready to be shipped