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Welcome to the “Arlo and Fireflies” semi-custom order with Ethos.  Please find all of the important details, including prices and fiber options, about this and all custom orders on the custom order details page: HERE.  You may join our custom group on Facebook HERE to see all mock-ups and conversations regarding this order.  If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to reach out via Facebook or email.

Arlo and Fireflies will be a fully hand dyed warp in deep greens and blues with rustic brown and just a hint of mint on the far right rail.  This order form will remain open until Thursday February 28th, at which time invoices will be sent via PayPal.  Once all deposits have been paid the order will be placed with our weaver.

Will be used for invoicing
If you ordered more than one please just indicate which color/weave is for which accesory
Submission of this form denotes your agreement with the above information.